project overview

the purpose of this project is to inform and to entertain


The informative aspect of this project consists of 2 academic components.

First: cognitive bias

The decision making traps that afflict all of us as we try to make choices. We fall into these traps because of cognitive limitations that are characteristic of all human beings. Cognitive biases include such judgement errors as the sunk-cost trap and the confirmation bias.

Second: skilling, deskilling and reskilling –

The industrial revolution changed the way that artists work. The painter no longer grinds pigment into a medium to create paint. The chemist controls and regulates the painters colors and the factory places the approved paint in a tube. The paint is purchased by the painter readymade. The act of painting involves choosing which paint and deciding where to place the paint on a readymade stretched and primed canvas surface. The focus of the process of production shifted from the act of making to the act of choosing.

to Entertain:

The project provides a sandbox,

  •  18″x18″ readymade stretched canvas surface

and a few simple tools,

  • 3 blox ( 2 different sizes )
  • velcro hook and loop fastener
  • 1 readymade composition by Mondrian

The project is interactive, playable and useful to focus on the act of decision making.

The project supports:

  • choosing, the blox view
  • arranging, the blox as a group
  • recording with a cellphone
  • sharing on social media


 is it impactful?

  • has oversimplification made particpation boring?
  • not enough difference to sustain interest?
  • not customizable?

what is the most suitable social media platform?

  • how to support sharing and community building?